Monday, March 26, 2012

Is scientific investigation harmful or not?


Science is more advance than before. Scientists continue trying new things to make our life better and easier. Beginning from ancient time, sicknesses are always not easy to get recover. After scientists and biologists' effort on testing medicine, they make a significant break through of inventing antibiotic. Antibiotic has variety kind for attaching different kind of harmful bacteria. The invention has helped many people surviving from death.
However, every medicine has it's side effect. Antibiotic is included. Patient only can use antibiotic when the medicine is proved by doctors, because if a patient use it improperly, it may not cure the cold or sickness, and even lead the person to death.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Faustian tale - Wrapped Around Your Finger

(1) A description of the "standard" elements of the Faustian tale.
(2) A summary of the plot of your selected.
(3) An analysis of how your plot is similar to each step of the Faustian tale.

(1) It was said, Faust was a doctor who had given his soul to devil for the knowledge of everything and authority. He believed devil more than God, angles, and he was enchanted by the knowledge and power that didn't belong to him. Because of his greedy, he gave devil the chance to control his mind, the most important thing of human. A Faustian tale basically included several elements which were a devil, a curse, and a main role who was very greedy. The main character controled by devil became not as good as he used to.

(2) The song Wrapped around your finger is sang by The Police. The first line, You consider me the young apprentice, briefly describe the person (the Me) under control of another person, his master (the You). The person covets knowledge which will make him smarter than his master. (Staring at the ring around your finger  I have only come here seeking knowledge) and the gold ring held by the master represents destiny. The Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes says that it is very hard for him to have the decision wheather to believes his master or not. Then the I'll be wrapped around your finger  I'll be wrapped around your finger tells that he choses to believe his master, and submit to his control.
However, the song writer describes although the person has given his soul to the devil, Mephistopheles, he is still him, he is not going to become another devil. And after he finish listening his master's teach, he is going to vanish for a while, and plan to surprise his master. Therefore in the last paragraph, Oh, you'll be wrapped around my finger You'll be wrapped around my finger You'll be wrapped around my finger shows he has control over his former master.

(3) Actually the song is talking about Faust. Both main roles want the power of knowledge and finally were enchanted by devil's lure, and let devil control their soul. They have a hard time to choose between right and wrong before they were hooked by demon. And the last few parts of the song is another allusion of Faust which talks about essentially Faust is not a demon, he is just controlled by it. Yet, Faust still deviate from his own life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ode to Japan 311 Earthquake

Nothing had changed before it came. [A]
When the day it suddenly arrived, [B]
We human did not notice, which was a shame. [A]
Yet animals did, and they tried and survived.[B]

Perhaps the lands shake, [C]
Because of the volcanoes explosion. [D]
We feel movement, we feel shiver, we feel quake, [C]
Cause of the savage, ravage, shatter the land with frustration. [D]

Water can float boat, water can also overturn boat. [E]
How can we ensure when is the flood coming? [F]
And be ready so the boats would float? [E]
Greet the great passionate to the charming. [F]

Perhaps the quality of the air is being repressed[G]
Rooted in the earthquake, in the flood, in the natural destruction. [H]
We feel sore, we feel dizzy, we feel depressed, [G]
Cause of naughty of the radiation. [H]

After the aesthetic perform in Japan. [I]
We totally experience the warmth from nation of human.[I]
The great event promptly inspire the global. [J]
Fervent, generous donations come into the symbolic flag with a red ball. [J]

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gulliver's Travel (take-home quiz)

Describe the kind of people on the floating island of Laputa. What kinds of things did they know? What kinds of things didn't they know? Who is Swift attacking here, and what is he saying about them?
The floating island of Laputa is the third country that Gulliver visits. Although the people of the island are the same size as Gulliver, and Gulliver thinks that they are normal, they actually think different way, their mind focus on little things a lot that Gulliver thinks those aren't big matters, the sun is an example, they try to figure out simple concepts with their complicated though. In the era Swift exists which was 17, 18 century, that the world was attempting to finding answers of anything, especially the universe. Therefore, I think Swift tried to talk about that people in order to overtaken the changing era which suddenly appeared lots of new ideas, so they confused about that,even forget the most simple concepts and consider everything had a matter in it.

What is "the catch" (or the secret price) of immortality? What might Jonathan Swift mean by that (in real life)?
The price of the immortality is blindness in both body which are eyes and mind. Condersider the environment he was in, I think Swift means that people should find the scientific fact, don't just follow blindly what other people say, especially when the matter concerns about religion. Because in that period, churches were always controlled by Pope, people knew religion from listening what Pope said. The blind woman in the story try to convince Gulliver drinking the water by saying you will be greater the God.

How does Yahoo society function (i.e. leadership, mating, war)? What is Swift trying to say about human nature?
Swift describes Yahoos as human being. Yahoos are wild and violent. The fight for everything, especially for becoming the leader, as well as for food which is the energy source. The author portrays their behavior to talk about that we human always have wars between, and purpose is just simplely, the country wants to become the most powerful, so they can have more resources. In the other way, Swift points out that human have greedy mind, even they have enough resource (as food for Yahoos), they still want more, therefore, they fight each other.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Epigraph

Six words: "Quest for good manners and myself"

The six words, Feeling, Kindness, Respectful, Hardworking, Learning, and Enjoyment, fully describe my ideal me which is a find person with good manners. Although I may not show them in the outward appearance, when I have done something wrong or show my laziness with no reasons, I always have the six words in my mind trying to prevail over as willpower. Feeling means not being cold to others, always have a big grin in face, also, sometime need to show passion. Kindness is connected to Feeling, that is being kind to others, help others with the best I can. Respectful is being respect to other. Hardworking to me is not just hardworking, but have the plan of how to do it. Learning is having the desire to learn things. Enjoyment is knowing relax which is relax when it should be, work when it should be. As I am questing the six words for good manners, I always thing of myself, what is my value, after I truly become a good manner person, then? And what is really suit for me to do?

Monday, February 20, 2012


Death is a process of every life, we are NOT able to escape from it, and must accept it. I didn't think a lot about what is death before, I only knew that, in a Buddhism way, if people do good, then they will go to heaven, however, on the opposite, go to hell. After I am a high school student, I learn the other explanation about death that, in a Christian way, is sleep. But I still don't know which one is really true.
Recently, from my grandma's passing away, I kind of percept that what is death. We won't see them any more except from pictures. Although I don't love my grandma as much as my father has done, I feel the same as my father does, and even make me miss my grandfather who has passed away since I was five. Therefore, I think we not only need to accept our own death, but also need to accept our beloved ones' leaving which must be a great grief.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shakespeare's Humor

Although Shakespeare is mostly well-known for his tragedies, we cannot underestimate his comedies. The comedies we have gone through were 10 Thing I Hate About You which was a modern movie version of The Taming of The Shrew, Twelfth Night, and Much Ado About Nothing. The plays have some similarities in the way Shakespare shows his humor.

In 16 century, Shakespeare had already showed his humor by the female characters as modern women who have their own judgments. We can see it from all three plays, the female characters consist their own thought for their own, Kate (10 Thing) and Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing) use their knowledge to trick men and not wanting to get marry which pretty much shows how independent are they in Shakespeare's portrait.

However, no matters how wise and cool are they included Viola and Olivia of Twelfth Night; they are going to be with one man at the end, which is the other way of Shakespeare’s humor. The female characters are all changed by the man who woos them or they love. The unreasonable anger expression and manner particularly to MEN of Kate, Olivia, and Beatrice unexpectedly transform to a kind and lovely girl. And the creature they used to ignore, men, should be given credit.

Not only Shakespeare portrays the female characters with his humor, but also we can see it shows in male characters. In the time that Shakespeare exists, men were supreme over women, and they were the central of the whole society. Women didn’t have much or even didn’t have the right to against their husband or father. Yet, the main male characters in the three plays all try their best to please the main female characters.

Shakespeare perfectly expresses his sense of humor in the love comedies. The characteristics of each roles indirectly tell the readers the love he believes. Although that is man and woman may hate each other in the beginning, but after they have communications, they find out that they love each other because they enjoy the furious argument between("10 Thing" and "Much Ado About Nothing" shows that.) Beside, he shows the other way do true love that a couple in Much Ado About Nothing in love with each other in the first glance.